The collection

Proud Christmas

Proud Christmas is a collection celebrating love, diversity and equality.

The ornament is made in mouthblown glass and handpainted in bright colors honoring the rainbow flag known as the key symbol of the LGBTQI community and pride movement worldwide.

The ornament measures 8 x 5 cm. and comes in both a plain and glitter version.

Each flag is stored in an exclusive gift box with silver printing and magnet close feature.

The Proud Christmas ornaments are a thoughtful reminder of the constant struggle the LGBTQI community deals with at both a legal and social level around the globe along with a celebration of the battles that are already won.

10% of the proceeds from the Proud Christmas collection is donated to the organisation Rainbow Railroad.

Since 2006 Rainbow Railroad has helped hundreds of LGBTQI people to escape persecution and violence in their home countries by getting them to a place where they can live their lives free from the fear of torture, imprisonment and death solely due to their sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity.